Our Products

Here at Carolina Products we design and manufacture highly innovative unitized electrical switchgear and building control systems.

Quality Products, Designed Around the Solutions You Need

CPI can create equipment ranging from Custom Control Panels that suit specific electrical room dimensions to Standard Control Panels required for Lighting, Fueling, Dimming or a combination of both.

Custom Panel Solutions

CPI manufactures many types of standard control panels. Fueling controls, Lighting Controls and Energy controls.

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Standard Control Panels

Carolina Products Inc. provides building control systems integrated with unitized switchgear into a single package. Our solutions are custom designed to help our clients meet or exceed their goals. Carolina Products Inc. specializes in identifying, developing, and implementing innovative strategies that save time and money.

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Building Control & Automation Systems

CPI Designs and manufacturers electrical switchgear and building automation systems for Retail, Restaurant, and Convenience Store Markets. CPI Switchgear is easily compatible with third party automation and control systems.

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Electrical Control Systems

The CPI Lighting Control System (LCS) is designed and manufactured by CPI to supply our customers with a cost effective, quality, easy-to-install lighting controls solution. The CPI Lighting Control System manages interior and/or exterior lighting loads based on a Time-of-Day schedule and/or an ambient light level that is monitored by a solid state light sensor. This system will provide reliable and consistent lighting control.

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Fuel Pump & Dispenser Control Systems

The CPI Dispenser Isolation System is made up of two types of boards. The DICB-1D5G dispenser control board and the DICB-8P-RLY product pump control board. The dispenser control board allows up to 5 hook signals per dispenser. Each hook signal can be assigned to control any of the 8 product pump relays located on the DICB-8P-RLY product pump control board.

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Generator Quick Connect Box

The CPI Generator Quick Connect System provides a means to easily and quickly connect a portable (or permanent) generator to a facility during times of extended power outages. This system contains a Service Entrance Circuit Breaker that is Key Interlocked with a Generator Power Entrance Circuit Breaker. This allows for fail-safe operation to tie in Generator Power to the facility while ensuring that you do not back-feed into the Utility Power System.

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