Building Control & Automation Systems

Lighting Controls with Dimming . HVAC Control & Monitoring . Monitor Coolers and Freezers . Remote Access and Communication . Energy Efficient & Cost Effective Systems

Centralizing and Simplifying Your Ability to Control Your Building

CPI designs and manufactures electrical switchgear and building automation systems for the Retail, Restaurant and Convenience Store markets. CPI strives to combine cutting edge technology with proven, cost-effective, energy saving methodology in an effort to supply a complete building automation and controls solution.

Cost Effective Solutions

Overall, companies can significantly reduce their production costs, decrease delays to market, and minimize compromised quality by taking the right steps and allow CPI to effectively design a product for your needs.

Light Controls with Dimming

The CPI Lighting Control System manages interior and/or exterior lighting loads based on a Time-of-Day schedule and/or an ambient light level that is monitored by a solid state light sensor. In addition, an Astronomical Clock function is available.

HVAC Control & Monitoring

The HVAC system control can easily be combined with the CPI energy management controls in an effort to control overall power consumption and operating costs.

Monitor Coolers & Freezers

CPI is capable of controlling cooler and freezer door heaters based on ambient air conditions. Solid state sensors are continually monitored by the controller and the heaters are cycled on/off based on ambient air conditions which re- sults in lower operating costs and extended heater and refrigeration system component life cycles.

Remote Access & Communication

CPI provides secure remote access through the internet. The system supports TCP/IP and MAC address formats and is accessed using any standard web browser. The web inter face is developed by CPI, included with the system and is fully password protected. The controller has the ability to FTP files out and/or email out messages when properly con figured on an existing network.

Energy Efficient

CPI can give you an Energy saving strategy with automatic control using light level and time of day scheduling. Eliminate unnecessary on times and gain control of your Lighting and HVAC energy waste. Options of monitoring, reporting, alarm notification and peak demand limiting are all possible with the CPI System.

Key Products

CPI-400/800 Controller

  • LCD screen on the unit displays operating parameters for user friendly operation
  • 6 easy-to-use control buttons for programming and setting parameters.
  • Controls up to 8 lighting zones
  • UL, CSA, CE and Title 24 compliance
  • Reduce maintenance overhead costs

The CPI-400 Controller is an ideal, cost-effective substitute for applications that require traditional relays, timers and counters, but where a higher level of control is desired, such as time scheduling of outputs.

Typical applications for the CPI-400 Controller include, but are not limited to, interior/exterior lighting control, pumping system control, refrigerated cabinet monitoring/alarming, etc.

The CPI-400 Controller is a small, yet expandable controller that provides an economical solution for many of today’s automatic control requirements.

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