Reduced Energy Costs

Reduce Energy costs of 20% or more with a CPI Energy Management System.

Utilizing one of CPI’s PLC based controllers can give you an Energy saving strategy with automatic control using light level and time of day scheduling. Eliminate unnecessary on times and gain control of your Lighting and HVAC energy waste. Options of monitoring, reporting, alarm notification and peak demand limiting are all possible with the CPI System. Some of the CPI Systems allow access to an entire group or chain of business units from a laptop computer (password protected). Our engineers and programmers ensure that you get a custom CPI System that best suits your requirements.

Whether you need a smaller system for a few points of control or a full scale system that can be communicated with over the internet and handle many different inputs such as HVAC, Lights, Coolers, Freezer, Door Strikes, Alarm Interface and many others, we have the answer.

CPI designs and manufactures electrical switchgear and building automation & controls for businesses such as retail stores, restaurants and convenience stores. The ability to control such a wide array of systems can provide big opportunities to save overhead dollars on an on-going basis.

Each of our customers have unique environments, so it only makes sense that all of our systems are custom built to suit the specific needs of each project. Never “off-the-shelf”!