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Petro Power System 2

The CPI Petro Power System 2 (PPS2) is designed and manufactured by CPI to supply our customers with a cost effective, quality, easy-to-install fueling controls solution that complies with paragraph 514-6 of the National Electric Code and a lighting controls solution in a single enclosure. Paragraph 514-6 states that “…each dispensing device shall be provided with a means to remove all external voltage sources, including feedback, during periods of maintenance and service of the dispensing equipment.” The CPI Petro Power System 2 combines complete power isolation with complete lighting control.

Standard System Includes:

  • Fueling Emergency Stop Pushbutton
  • Fueling Reset Pushbutton
  • Submersible Pump Status Lights
  • Dispenser Power Contactors
  • Dispenser Isolation System
  • Dispenser Maintenance Switches
  • Submersible Pump Power Contactors
  • Lighting Controller
  • Individual, Illuminated Zone Override Pushbuttons
  • Interface Terminal Strips
  • (2) Panelboards

System Standards:

  • Complete system is UL Listed
  • Meets or exceeds NEC requirements
  • Lighting controller is Certified with the California Energy Commission

Electrical Requirements:

  • 120V, 15A Supply Circuit
  • 30A Standard Contactor Switching Capacity
    (higher capacities available upon request)