Space Savings

Save up to 40% of floor space with a CPI system in your building.

We’re not only saving you space, we’re saving you money.

CPI can save 40% or more on your required electrical equipment space. National electric code requires 3 feet clearance in front of electrical equipment, if CPI can save one linear foot of wall space that equates to
four square feet of space savings in your building…

Most new construction projects cost $100 per square or more—you add up the savings… You may not reduce the size of your building by utilizing CPI space savings design—but instead of using that space for overhead–now you can use that space for income generating..

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Please note: The spreadsheet in the lower right of the drawing details the savings.


Conventional electrical installation would require 16′ of wall space. The CPI system uses only 7.5′ of wall space. The National Electrical Code requires a 3′ clearance in front of electrical panels. This creates 34 square feet of space savings.

34sq. ft. x $100.00 (average construction cost per sq. ft.) = $3,400.00 saved