Even the best solutions simply won't be enough without the proper service to back it up. At the heart of every CPI solution is the experience and the service to see the project through. Since every project is different, the services that CPI offers for any given solution are determined with the same flexibility in mind.
At the core of every CPI project you can expect:


  • *24/7 Technical Support
  • *Work closely with your engineering team on conceptual design application
    *Documentation for integrating the CPI system into your construction plans
  • *Maintain electrical standards and/or control specifications to your requirements
  • *Optional monitoring service by CPI for equipment controlled via our controllers for alarm notification


As our products evolve, so do our service offerings. You'll never be stuck with an idea that won't work because a service isn't offered... that's just because we haven't invented it yet.

We can fix that!

Space Savings


Space SavingsCPI can save 40% or more on your required electrical equipment space. National electric code requires 3 feet clearance in front of electrical equipment, if CPI can save one linear foot of wall space that equates to
four square feet of space savings in your building...

Most new construction projects cost $100 per square or more---you add up the savings... You may not reduce the size of your building by utilizing CPI space savings design---but instead of using that space for overhead--now you can use that space for income generating..

Click here to view a real-world application example... the spreadsheet in the lower right of the drawing details the savings.

Conventional electrical installation would require 16' of wall space. The CPI system uses only 7.5' of wall space. The National Electrical Code requires a 3' clearance in front of electrical panels. This creates 34 square feet of space savings.

34sq. ft. x $100.00 (average construction cost per sq. ft.) = $3,400.00 saved

Reduced Energy Costs


Space SavingsReduce Energy costs of 20% or more with a CPI Energy Management System.
Utilizing one of CPI's PLC based controllers can give you an Energy saving strategy with automatic control using light level and time of day scheduling. Eliminate unnecessary on times and gain control of your Lighting and HVAC energy waste. Options of monitoring, reporting, alarm notification and peak demand limiting are all possible with the CPI System. Some of the CPI Systems allow access to an entire group or chain of business units from a laptop computer (password protected). Our engineers and programmers ensure that you get a custom CPI System that best suits your requirements.
Whether you need a smaller system for a few points of control or a full scale system that can be communicated with over the internet and handle many different inputs such as HVAC, Lights, Coolers, Freezer, Door Strikes, Alarm Interface and many others, we have the answer.

CPI designs and manufactures electrical switchgear and building automation & controls for businesses such as retail stores, restaurants and convenience stores. The ability to control such a wide array of systems can provide big opportunities to save overhead dollars on an on-going basis.
Each of our customers have unique environments, so it only makes sense that all of our systems are custom built to suit the specific needs of each project. Never "off-the-shelf"!

Click here to read a full testimonial from one of CPI's success stories.

Simplified Construction


Space SavingsAll CPI Systems are factory assembled and 100% tested prior to installation which reduces construction time, electrical installation costs and material costs. Where possible we prewire the large wire feeders between the main and sub-panels. Once our system arrives on site and is placed in the store, all that remains is to terminate the connections and power up.

Instead of the contractor puzzle piecing and "engineering" your electrical system (the heart of your store) we provide a UL listed and factory tested system custom built specifically to meet your unique requirements.

This process elimates wasted time and material. Our production schedule is strictly controlled so that your CPI System arrives on-site and on time to help you meet your construction deadline.

Tax Depreciation


Space SavingsCPI systems are considered to be technological electrical equipment and not real estate; therefore, it can be depreciated over 5 years compared to conventional electrical equipment's 30-year depreciation.

Many chain accounts classify the CPI system as equipment versus real estate which allows for a five year fast track depreciation schedule versus 29 years for conventional installations.

$17,155.00 (approx. system cost)  x  40% (average corporate tax rate) = $6,862.00 savings over 5 years
($6,862.00/5years = $1,372.40 savings per year)


...In our opinion, the control panels you are installing that include a microprocessor are considered "qualified technological equipment" as defined in Internal Revenue Code Section 168(i)(2). Therefore, these panels should be depreciated using the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) method over a life of five years.


Those panels that do not include a microprocessor are also eligible for depreciation over a life of five years. A recent Tax Court ruling determined that part of the cost of primary and secondary electrical systems that carry the electrical load to a company's equipment is Section 1245 personal property and not structural components. Therefore, these assets are eligible for a shorter life...


Robert W. Elliot, Jr., C.P.A.
Elliot & Warren
Certified Public Accountants
Professional Limited Liability Company

Customer Testimonials

...We have used Carolina Products similar to this project and have found the savings and case of installation to be incredible...


Chris Liska P.E.
Project Manager/Design Engineer
Austin Electric, Inc


...By utilizin the CPI system, 45% less wall space is required along with the deletion of an electrical room. This design has led to additional storage space for the restaurants...


Tim Hanrahan
Director Design/Construction
Darden Restaurants